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Softbite Soufflé Pancake

Airy Fluffy Soufflé Pancake

The Fluffy Soufflé-style pancake is a popular dessert originally from Japan. At SoftBite, we want to introduce this trendy Japanese fluffy soufflé’s pancake to New Yorkers.


Our chef is from Récolte, an artisan bakery led by 2018 World Master Baker Jay Wang, who spent months to experiment and developed the perfect form for the pancake. The toppings and dressing we use to pair with each pancake carry an exciting contrast of textures and flavors; the pancake is soft and airy verse the toppings are crisp and refreshing. The process behind this handcrafted dessert is unconventional and unique. Our batter is made from imported Japanese flour and other fresh and local natural ingredients with no added preservatives. It is made fresh daily and made to order to ensure the highest quality and flavor achieved. Reflect truly to our brand name SoftBite, the texture of our pancake is so soft and airy that will melt in your mouth.


Enjoy these light, soft, jiggly and fluffy pancake to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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